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This magazine introduces you to Ian Duncan MacDonald's art and writing. In each issue, one image, from his portfolio of over 2,300 images, is showcased. His art can be Giclee printed on canvas, framed and shipped within a few days at a very reasonable price.

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His novel, BEWARE THE ABANDONED is also presented here, in short installments.


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                   Horsechoe Bay Rocks

The island of Bermuda has played some role, or other, in my novels. It sits alone,  out in the Atlantic about 800 miles East of North Carolina. Being in the middle of the Gulf stream gives it a semi tropical climate despite being a thousand miles North of the Caribbean.

I have had a close relationship with this Island for more than 50 years and my experiences there often work their way into my stories, even in BEWARE THE ABANDONED.  With one of the highest standards of living in the world, it is an expensive place to visit, and for its 65,000 inhabitant's, an expensive place to live.  However, it is also one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Cultivated gardens, beautiful pink beaches and neat stone houses please the eye. There are no billboards, no overhanging signs, no neon signs, and everything is neat, trim and coordinated.  

Bermuda's warm waters really are this turquoise color that I captured in my photograph.  On a cold day in February such an image can take your mind off the ice and snow. Many Bermuda images are available in my Fine Art America portfolio.  In a few days, Fine Art America could delivers this image to you, Giclee printed on canvas, framed and ready to be hung. It could be delivered on a canvas as large as 40 by 35 inches.

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 IMAGE SHOWCASED : Horseshoe Bay Rocks     NOVEL SHOWCASED: Beware the Abandoned







John Cross, was an abandoned child fighting for his very life on the mean streets of Los Angeles, when The Sanctuary selected him to be trained to accumulate great wealth. His success allows them to recruit more abandoned children to enrich what is a capitalist sect. How John Cross realizes this wealth is of no concern to them. What is critical is keeping this money maker ahead of his pursuers, the mob and the FBI. The murders that followed John Cross in Paris, Las Vegas and Delaware were just obstacles to be overcome in the accumulation of wealth.

CHAPTER 1 & 2 





The yacht rocked as the first early morning breeze rippled across Delaware Bay. The sun already felt warm on the back of his neck.  It was going to be a warm, cloudless day.

 John Cross tied the fifty-pound weight to his wife’s legs.  As he did, she sighed deeply.  John concluded that the tranquilizer must affect people in different ways.  Her lover had never stirred before he had been heaved overboard. Time was of the essence.  He had better hurry before she gained consciousness.

Tying the final knot, he dragged her body across the teak deck.  As he stepped back, to push her, feet first, into the sea, her eyes opened, her body stiffened. She tried to scream but couldn’t.  The tranquilizing drug still paralyzed her vocal cords.

Her body followed the fifty-pound weight into the depths. John stood back and watched her disappear.  He turned, made his way to the bridge, started the diesel engine and set a course to where he was going to abandon the yacht.

At this juncture of the recurring dream, John would always wake. He looked at the clock on the night table.  It was two-thirty in the morning. He wondered if he was now going to lie awake for hours running through his mind, over and over, what happened on the boat?

It had been necessary.  She was threatening the money he had set aside to save hundreds of children living on the mean streets. Her decision to meet with a divorce lawyer had forced him to act.








Ten years before Naomi's murder, John Cross had been flown to Paris. He had been sent there by The Sanctuary to recruit abandoned, disposable children. He had once been one of those discarded children.  Two hours after landing at Charles De Gaulle Airport, he was standing, at attention, in The Sanctuary’s Paris Mission, listening to Lester Simpson. 

In a Cockney accent, Lester recited his standard greeting, “Welcome to Paris. I am sure the last ten years were a challenging a journey for you.  You are now, two years away from having repaid the first part of your debt to The Sanctuary. Two years, from today, you will receive your grant which you will invest in an entrepreneurial venture of your choosing.  This venture will reward both you and The Sanctuary. These two years will pass very rapidly.”

Lester was responsible for The Sanctuary’s Paris operations.  He paused to make sure he had their attention. Smiling broadly, he displayed a mouthful of teeth going in unconventional directions. Tall and fit, he looked the part of a leader, tasked with setting an example for young men who had just completed ten years of rigorous physical and mental conditioning. He was deliberately dressed, to both impress and inspire his new charges. In direct contrast to the young men’s dull apparel, his clothing had been chosen to reassure them that there indeed was a pot of gold waiting for them at the end of the two years.  His suit was Armani; the shirt was Bartoli; the tie was Hermes, and the shoes were Gucci loafers.

Lester knew, like all Sanctuarians, that when death stalks a child, and that child escapes death’s clutches, that child is both changed and liberated. While such children may have cheated death, they learned, from those who had not cheated death, that they were not immortal. These children also learned that you survive by being ruthless and doing whatever you must do to survive. On the hard streets, they learned that conventional laws and attitudes were for other people. A fear of consequences would never constrain them. Even murder was not sacrosanct.

 The Sanctuary had saved John Cross from a short, brutal life   They had then nurtured, protected, educated and guided him for ten years. During this time, they had applied a thin veneer of civility to him.   Was The Sanctuary foolish in thinking that they could banish the raw jungle rules he had survived under for the first twelve years of his life? No, The Sanctuary counted on those jungle instincts to drive John to achieving incredible financial success. A success in whose rewards in they would share. The Sanctuary’s greatest success had been in concealing the beast behind a cloak of middle class respectability.

John had no illusions about human behavior. He had been conditioned to believe that only the powerful thrive and that showing any weakness would lead to his demise. While fighting for survival on the mean streets, he had learned to respond quickly and violently to any slight, or disrespect shown towards him.  If you threatened his peace and harmony, he was prepared take away your life. He was the ultimate survivor.

                                                               be continued


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