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     Ian D. MacDonald

Labourer -

Inco Limited (International Nickel Company)


Between June 1964 and September 1967, for four summers, I worked in the mines and smelters of INCO's Sudbury operations. This employment allowed me to pay for my entire university education and graduate debt free.


General Sales Manager

 Dun & Bradstreet of Canada Limited

From September 1967 – February 1975, Toronto, Canada Area


D&B was my first employer after graduating, with a B.A., from McMaster University. As a credit reporter I learned how to analyze financial statement, do commercial risk research, interview senior executives, organize large volumes of work and write rapidly.

Within six months, I was a manager training other credit reporters and running a reporting department. It had a staff of seven full time employees and 200 correspondents spread across Ontario.

Within two years, I became one of the first sales representatives in the new Marketing Services Division. This job gave me the opportunity to discuss sales and marketing techniques with hundreds of sales, advertising and marketing executives. I quickly became the division’s top sales representative. 

Within four years, at the age of 25, I was appointed General Manager of the Marketing Services Division for Canada. It had sales representatives in major cities across Canada and a fulfillment facility in Toronto.

Within six years, at the age of 28 I was promoted to General Sales Manager of the entire Canadian corporation (the number two position in this company of 800 Canadian employees, Worldwide D&B employed over 8,000). I managed a team of 100 commissioned sales representatives and was responsible for all sales, advertising, marketing and new product development in Canada for all divisions (credit reporting, collections, marketing services and education).

At 32, I left D&B to gain corporate bottom line experience.




 Intercontinental Collections Limited & Screening Systems International Ltd

February 1976 – September 1977


Intercontinental Collections Limited was one of two small corporations that I simultaneously ran for the Drake/Office Overload group of companies (several thousand employees world wide). It was my first hands on experience in collecting money and running a profitable collection agency. It was fascinating to take a client’s discarded, allegedly worthless accounts and turn them into cash.


I was originally hired to create a business, Screening Systems International Limited, that would professionally screen senior executives for corporate positions. I spent months researching how to select and evaluate executive job applicants. This business brought me into contact with the senior Human Resources executives of major corporations, placement agencies and consulting companies. The company was profitable. It gave me an excellent grounding in how to hire intelligently. It led to teaching an evening course at Sheridan College on "Interviewing, Recruiting and Selecting Employees".

 When a general manager’s position became available at Creditel, I applied.



Senior Vice President - Credit Reporting

Creditel of Canada Limited

September 1977 – September 1996  

Initially at Creditel I was the Regional Manager responsible for the profitability of the five Ontario offices in Ontario. Within five years I was promoted to Senior Vice President responsible for all operations, sales and profits for the Credit Reporting Division. This division accounted for half of the company's revenues. I managed a national sales staff of 100 sales people and several hundred operational personnel.


 My sales management experience allowed me to quickly grow the company from 4,500 customers to 12,500. I took the Credit Reporting operation from a loss of more than one million dollars to profits of seven million (interestingly, Creditel was a not-for-profit member owned corporation). Creating new products and a new organizational system, was the secret to growing profits.


The company grew to the point that it became an attractive acquisition to several large foreign conglomerates. Our soaring profits had also become a problem with Revenue Canada. Equifax bought Creditel to gain the credit reporting technology and customer base that I had developed.  My agreeing to join Equifax was critical to their acquisition. They quickly sold off Creditel’s collection operation


Vice President Commercial Solutions


September 1996 – January 2005


My initial assignment was to integrate Creditel into Equifax. There was surprisingly little overlap of customers between these two competitors. I worked out a plan to close a dozen Creditel offices (employing 800) across Canada at 11 AM on the same day with all customer communication instantly going into one national Equifax service center). With my help, Equifax was able to generate enough profit to pay for their acquisition within three years. I then remained as the senior staff executive responsible for the well-being of the integrated commercial credit reporting operation. When this operation was merged into the US operation in Atlanta, I was set free. In anticipation of this, I had incorporated Informus Inc. several years earlier.



 Informus Inc.

January 2005 – Present