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Characters from Ian MacDonald"s first novel, MASSIVE RETALIATION, reappear.  The President is engineering an invasion of Canada to bring water to the parched South West United States. Quebec & Western Canadian separatists hope to benefit from this act of war. An assassination of the president is planned by the native people.



is available in print and e-book formats at KOBO and AMAZON. It explores a confrontation between the Peoples Republic of China and the United States when China dares to establish a naval base on a Caribbean island. Assassination, political intrigue, romance and nuclear war make it a page turner.


 A non-religious sect, that worships capitalism, turns abandoned street kids into wealthy entrepreneurs in return for a percentage of their lifetime earnings and wealth.  

The novel explores the grey area between right and wrong, good and bad.

Can murder be justified,  if it saves the lives of hundreds of orphaned street children?

The novel is set in Paris, Taos, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Delaware.

If questions about morality, revenge, the perfect murder, ambition, love, greed, power and making money interest you, then you will enjoy this book. It takes you on a journey from France to New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Delaware.


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